Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 3

Back on terra firma and fishing off the Keppel Islands all but a distant memory, we hit the dirt roads of Byfield National Park and find quite possibly the softest sand we’ve ever been on.

Welcome Aboard 4WD Systems!!!

We’re extremely excited, and proud to have 4WD Systems come on board as a major sponsor. We’re looking forward to testing their gear, taking it on our trips and telling you all about it.

Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 2

It all went a bit South – Andy started feeling the effects of a dodgy mean the night before.

So we did what any good mates would do – we left him on an island and went fishing.

Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 1

We leave the cooler climes of the Gold Coast and head North in search of sun, sand, fish and maybe a pineapple or two.

Join Andy, Hillboy and Hawkey as they head out on their latest adventure.

This time joined by Kev from @Woolgoolgaoffroad as they not only explore Byfield National Park but also head out on the boat to the magical Keppel Islands.

Bourke To Birdsville – Part 5

It’s the backend of the trip… we’re all a little dusty, but standing in the Birdsville Hotel with an ice cold beer, it’s hard to imagine it getting any better.

Until we get out to Big Red and start talking about our next trip…

Bourke to Birdsville – Part 4

Today was supposed to be a normal day. We head from Marree to the Mungerannie Hotel on the legendary Birdsville Track.

Little did we know what surprises the day would have in store for us.