G’day, and welcome to the January – February edition of the LastXplorer. We have put together another issue of top stories for you and we’ve started getting our act together with some video content too. We’re planning out a bloody awesome trip for the back end of February – with all the makings for a truly epic adventure. The March – April issue is going to be off the charts.

Until then, without further ado… enjoy!

Through The Lens

Throughout our adventures, past and present, some of the shots we take jump out and tell their own tale. To showcase them, we have created Through The Lens.

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There's Never Enough Time

Matt Hawke | LastXplorer
Matt Hawke

Don’t Fence Me In

I’m thinking that to those looking in from the outside, the decision to pack up life into a 4×4 and head cross-country with no return

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Not Lost | LastXplorer
Andy Hempsall

I’m not lost…

Someone once said to me, “Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one”. And while this sentiment is true to a larger or smaller extent the

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Product Testing - Titan Tray - by Rola

The nice folks over at Rola have given Andy one of their Titan Tray roof racks to do some long term testing on. Here’s a quick video of Andy installing it on Project Rangie. We’ve got some pretty solid trips coming up which will put it through it’s paces. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Meet Andy - and Project Rangie

In This Issue

Telegraph Track
Feature Article
Josh Morgan

Go Your Own Way

What is the Australian dream? It’s what you make it. A quarter acre block with a modest house, backyard for the kids and a shed

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Feature Article
Andy Hempsall

Petrol vs Diesel

Diesel has traditionally been the go-to fuel for overland adventurers, but with modern vehicles is this still the case? The crew here at LastXplorer have,

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Meet Hillboy - and his Patrol

Great Divide Pt2 | LastXplorer
Paul Gant

The Great Divide Pt.2

Day 2. I wanted to quit. I was beaten already and I felt like an idiot. Eventually, having no other option but to ride on,

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Meet Hawkey - and his FJ