Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 2

It all went a bit South – Andy started feeling the effects of a dodgy mean the night before. So we did what any good mates would do – we left him on an island and went fishing.

Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 1

We leave the cooler climes of the Gold Coast and head North in search of sun, sand, fish and maybe a pineapple or two. Join Andy, Hillboy and Hawkey as they head out on their latest adventure. This time joined by Kev from @Woolgoolgaoffroad as they not only explore Byfield National Park but also head […]

The Great Divide Pt.2

Great Divide Pt2 | LastXplorer

Day 2. I wanted to quit. I was beaten already and I felt like an idiot. Eventually, having no other option but to ride on, I found myself in Silver City, which, apart from the ugliness of an enormous open-cast mine, was quite a nice little town. It had a great bike shop and it […]

Out of The Woods Pt.1- Kakadu NP, NT, AU

Kakadu | LasXplorer

‘We’ve booked flights for October’. An ambitious time for southerners to visit the tropics. It is the start of the build-up to the wet season – a time of year still mild and pleasant down south, but here in the top end our cool evening breezes and gentle dry season weather are beginning to give […]

The Great Divide

The Great Divide | LastXplorer

Suddenly I felt the gravel on my back and I was staring at the deep blue sky above the New Mexico desert. With my feet still clipped into the pedals and the bicycle between my legs, the rest of my exhausted body lying in an almost star-fished heap on the track was telling me that […]

Downunderlust (Pt.1)

Leaving It All | LastXplorer

Everything happens for a reason they say – there’s always a silver lining. Our silver lining happens to have off-road tyres underneath and a tent on top. One summer afternoon in Sydney, two city slickers sat wondering what do next, as an employer had just handed us a redundancy letter and things were about to […]