Overlander or Daily Driver – are the two mutually exclusive?

Daily Driver | LastXplorer

When you only have one vehicle to choose from how far do you compromise or should you just say to heck with it and go with what you want. Living in a big city leaves you with certain choices to make when choosing your overland vehicle. We all know space is tight on city streets […]

Hella LED Light Bar Hawk 470mm

Hella Lightbar | LastXplorer

Disclosure: In the interests of full disclosure, although we didn’t have to pay for the lights, we are not being paid for the review and Hella Australia is not an advertiser of LastXplorer. Bright enough? Hella known the world over for producing quality lighting solutions for vehicles have recently released the Hawk range of Lightbars […]

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 10,000km + test

Looking after the bush really doesn’t require a huge amount of work, just some simple common sense approach and ideas. If we stick to them the great outdoors will remain so and still be able to be enjoyed in years to come. The best bit is it won’t cost us anything.

Could a set of All Terrains be the only tyre you ever need? When I purchased the Range Rover Sport about a year ago, it came equipped, as many do, with the perfect set up for cruising the streets of Sydney’s trendier suburbs. Big 19-inch wheels and fairly skinny 255/50R19 tyres. Great for low riding, […]