Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 2

It all went a bit South – Andy started feeling the effects of a dodgy mean the night before. So we did what any good mates would do – we left him on an island and went fishing.

Capricorn – Keppel Island & Byfield Part 1

We leave the cooler climes of the Gold Coast and head North in search of sun, sand, fish and maybe a pineapple or two. Join Andy, Hillboy and Hawkey as they head out on their latest adventure. This time joined by Kev from @Woolgoolgaoffroad as they not only explore Byfield National Park but also head […]

Victorian High Country – Ep3 – S1

Victorian High Country – Ep3 – S1 Our best episode yet… With Andy’s abrupt departure totally forgotten about, Hillboy and Matty continue to discover why a trip to the Victorian High Country is a must do bucket list item for every Australian adventurer.

In The Shed – Episode 2

In The Shed is all about what goes on behind the trip. The gear we use, industry insiders, tips and tricks and other stuff we learn along the way. In this episode… Andy takes the new suspension on Project Rangie for a quick shake down on a day trip out to Zig Zag railway. We […]

Go Your Own Way

Telegraph Track

What is the Australian dream? It’s what you make it. A quarter acre block with a modest house, backyard for the kids and a shed for the toys, maybe even a cinema room – the great Australian dream (or is it)? With the seemingly constant upward spiral of house prices, especially in major cities, with […]

Petrol vs Diesel

Diesel has traditionally been the go-to fuel for overland adventurers, but with modern vehicles is this still the case? The crew here at LastXplorer have, as you’ve probably already seen in our walk-around videos, a mixed bag when it comes to our choices of overland vehicle. We have the tried and tested with Hillboy and […]