Going green

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What’s left behind Overland travel doesn’t have to cost the Earth Way back in 1996 I had to do an environmental impact study as part of my college diploma. We had to choose an outdoor activity and look at the way it affects the landscape and environment. As a keen off-roader (yes even back then […]

Falken Wildpeak AT3W 10,000km + test

Looking after the bush really doesn’t require a huge amount of work, just some simple common sense approach and ideas. If we stick to them the great outdoors will remain so and still be able to be enjoyed in years to come. The best bit is it won’t cost us anything.

Could a set of All Terrains be the only tyre you ever need? When I purchased the Range Rover Sport about a year ago, it came equipped, as many do, with the perfect set up for cruising the streets of Sydney’s trendier suburbs. Big 19-inch wheels and fairly skinny 255/50R19 tyres. Great for low riding, […]

What is Overlanding?

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Is Overlanding the new “authentic” tourist trap? Or is possible to still see the world as it is, and not through a guidebook style trip? There is a certain perception around the term Overlanding or Overlander. A quick look at Instagram throws up many would be world travellers, some doing it on a shoestring whilst […]

Driving A $1,000 Car Across Australia

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When you talk about adventure in the Australian Outback – the first thing that comes to mind is a fully loaded 4WD with maybe a roof top tent, a swag or perhaps even a caravan. Not steering a front wheel drive 96’ Volvo 850 CD 2.5i sedan, worth less than a thousand dollars, from Adelaide […]