Go Your Own Way

Telegraph Track

What is the Australian dream? It’s what you make it. A quarter acre block with a modest house, backyard for the kids and a shed for the toys, maybe even a cinema room – the great Australian dream (or is it)? With the seemingly constant upward spiral of house prices, especially in major cities, with […]

Petrol vs Diesel

Diesel has traditionally been the go-to fuel for overland adventurers, but with modern vehicles is this still the case? The crew here at LastXplorer have, as you’ve probably already seen in our walk-around videos, a mixed bag when it comes to our choices of overland vehicle. We have the tried and tested with Hillboy and […]

Overland Bound Off the Grid Rally 2017

Overland Bound OTGR 2017 Cover

“We were invited along to the Queensland Overland Bound OTGR, an event where the emphasis is on the community, not just adventure.” https://vimeo.com/250282485 Overland Community As an active member of many 4WD and Overland Travel groups on the web, one that I frequent a lot is Overland Bound. As a community group they live by […]

Overlander or Daily Driver – are the two mutually exclusive?

Daily Driver | LastXplorer

When you only have one vehicle to choose from how far do you compromise or should you just say to heck with it and go with what you want. Living in a big city leaves you with certain choices to make when choosing your overland vehicle. We all know space is tight on city streets […]

The Great Divide Pt.2

Great Divide Pt2 | LastXplorer

Day 2. I wanted to quit. I was beaten already and I felt like an idiot. Eventually, having no other option but to ride on, I found myself in Silver City, which, apart from the ugliness of an enormous open-cast mine, was quite a nice little town. It had a great bike shop and it […]

Don’t Fence Me In

Matt Hawke | LastXplorer

I’m thinking that to those looking in from the outside, the decision to pack up life into a 4×4 and head cross-country with no return ticket may seem slightly reckless and counterproductive against most peoples’ gauge of normality. This is exactly the journey that my partner Kim and I have been on for the last […]